Number 1 Lesvos

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About Lesvos

Lesvos is the third biggest island of Greece and is located in the northeastern Aegean Sea. It has a surface of 1.633 square kilometers and a population of approx. 90.000 from which about a third is living in the capital city of Mytilini. The rest of the population is spread out in small towns and villages. The largest are Plomari, Kalloni, Agiasos, Eresos and Molivos.

Lesvos has a variety of landscape structures. Two large peaks are dominating the island. Mount Lepetymnos (968m) in the north part and Mount Olympos (967m) in the central of the island. 40% of Lesvos is covered by 11 million olive trees and other fruit trees. 20% is covered by mediterranean pines, chestnut and oak trees. The remaining percentages is scrub, grassland and urban. The entire territory of Lesvos is "Lesvos Geopark" and is a member of the European Geopark Network. It's known for its unique Petrified Forest.

What to see

Explore Lesvos by scooter, quad, car or by boat. Number 1 will provide you with a map of the island and we can advise you what route to follow.

Highlights of Lesvos


  • Monastery of Agios Rafael, Nikolaos and Irene near Thermi
  • Taxiarchis Monastery in Mandamados
  • Leimonos Monastery near Kalloni
  • Ypsilou Monastery near Sigri


  • Park of the Petrified Forest near Sigri
  • Pesas waterfalls near Achladeri
  • Olympos mountain
  • Salt plains near Kalloni
  • Turtle pool near Skalochori


  • Olive press museum in Agia Paraskevi and Papados
  • Ouzo museum in Plomari
  • Theofilos & Teriade museums in Varia
  • Archaeological museum in Mitilini


  • Roman aqueduct in Moria
  • Messa sanctuary
  • Castles of Mitilini, Molivos and Sigri
  • Kremasti bridge near Agia Paraskevi

  • Agiasos
  • Agios Rafael Monastery
    Agios Rafael Monastery
  • Gavathas
  • Halinados near Agia Paraskevi
    Halinados near Agia Paraskevi
  • Mill at Perama
    Mill at Perama
  • Leimonos Monastery
    Leimonos Monastery
  • Mankatsa waterfall near Pedi
    Mankatsa waterfall near Pedi
  • Mitilini
  • Molivos
  • Kremasti bridge near Agia Paraskevi
    Kremasti bridge near Agia Paraskevi
  • Petra
  • Petrified Forest near Sigri
    Petrified Forest near Sigri
  • Plomari
  • Roman Aqueduct in Moria
    Roman Aqueduct in Moria
  • Salt plains near Kalloni
    Salt plains near Kalloni
  • Sigri
  • Taxiarchis Monastery in Mandamados
    Taxiarchis Monastery in Mandamados
  • Skala Eresos
    Skala Eresos
  • Skala Sikaminias
    Skala Sikaminias
  • Ypsilou Monastery near Sigri
    Ypsilou Monastery near Sigri