1. The minimum age for car rental is 21 years.

2. The driver must be in possession of a valid driving license which must have been issued at least one year before the start of the rental.

3. Minimum lease time is one day (24 hours). After 24 hours, and depending on the period of the rental period, an additional day is charged.

4. Gasoline: The renter has to return the gasoline tank to the same level as the gasoline. There is no refund for extra gasoline. The renter will be charged if he returns the vehicle with less gasoline, with € 15.00 / quarter

5. Booking is made for a specific car category but not for a specific model.

6. The price includes Basic Security (Basic CDW) H Discharge of the driver (maximum liability) is 800 € for all categories

7. CDW: The renter may limit his liability to his legal participation in any damage to the car to 50% by choosing the Mixed Security (CDW) by paying in addition the amount of € 8 per day of rental. FDW: The tenant can set aside his liability for his legal involvement in any damage to the car by choosing Full Insurance (FDW) at an additional cost of 15 € per day of rental. The company recognizes the extra coverage only if it has been recorded and signed by the tenant in the lease agreement.

8. No Safety covers any damage to the underside of the car, tires or glass. In addition, no insurance cover applies if the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances or in the event of an accident following a violation of Greek law.

9. Upon delivery of the car, it is the responsibility of the tenant to examine the car for damage, along with the employee of the company, and arrange for them to be noted in the corresponding document. Next, he has to return the car to the condition that took it, at the time and at the point indicated in the lease. Otherwise the company will charge the renter at the appropriate cost.

10. The Company has the right to take possession of the vehicle at any time and without notice, from any point, if it considers that the vehicle is being abused, there is a risk of damage, the theft of the car or if the tenant has exceeded the day of return of the car without consultation with the company.

11. It is the tenant's duty to take care of the car, keep it in good condition, control its engine operation, oil level, water cooler, etc., the condition of the tire and its safe operation in general. No repair of the car is recognized unless it is done with the company's consent.

12. It is forbidden to move the vehicle outside the Greek border, to transport it by ship or other means of transport without the written consent of the company.

13. All fines and administrative penalties shall be borne by the tenant.

14. It is forbidden to use the car for the transportation of passengers for money, for transporting illegal objects, for towing another vehicle, for racing, for subletting and generally for any use contrary to Greek laws.

15. It is forbidden to drive the car by any third person not listed in the lease.

16. Drop off & Pick up in a diffrent location is posible with extra 20,00 € per rental.